Our very existence in this vast, soon-to-fade-green earth is trivial and our footprints, ephemeral. So what could be the point in having a conscience if we go through a repetitive cycle of life and death until there is impeccable deterioration of the planet under our influence? We can agree on the fact that certain factors are inevitable and no matter how big of an impact you create in the process, the outcome is predetermined. This concludes my philosophical and religious standpoint to a great degree, with the question of ‘Why?‘ more than others.

“Why give in enormous amounts of effort and work when there is no perfect in existence?”

“Why do some people prioritize the same thing that someone else doesn’t care about?”

“Why are there laws and norms even though the chaos is outrivalling?”

 My apologies if I came across as a pessimistic teen who has been struck with a temporary existential crisis.

To cut to the chase, I consider myself a nihilist.


I am Anirudh PJ, an architecture student, an aspiring designer and an introvert who loves to travel, collect diverse experiences, contemplate and sketch.


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