Façades in Human Beings

An effulgent ray of warmth emanated from the window, and as I pulled myself up, I could feel beads of sweat rolling down my forehead, my dilated pupils contracted and my heartbeat was returning to its normal pace. I had just woken up from my worst nightmare.

It takes more than supernatural entities to affright me. This was different. It was a vision, that felt so real and almost made sense.

I heard the deep dark raucous thoughts of people, thoughts that originated from the dastardly fragment of the soul. A facet that rummaged its way into the essence of humanity, since inception.

Aren’t we all agents of chaos?

Why deny it, and create a world filled with laws to abide by, that portray the humankind as something else, a false identity we want to see to comfort ourselves?

A predominant sense of malevolence built into all beings was the heart of the vision, but the twisted element was that every single being had a façade behind which lurked this malevolent persona.

I was able to recollect instances where the world manifested its disfigured face, all ephemeral but those particular memories were brought under a spotlight for eternity.

It truly is hilarious and ironical because, negatives are perceived as the contrasting elements.

My petrified self was lucid at a point at which I realised, I was a part of this disingenuous system of civilization (Hmph, so-called civilisation).

“Status Malus,

Vana Salus

Semper Dissolubilis

Obumbrata et Velata

Michi Quoque niteris;”

                            -Carl Orff

A façade play.

– Eternally Indolent –


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