Cognisance of the Mind

Since the time you were a child you’d probably be having this voice in your head which tells you to do things that are emotionally satisfying and that which would fulfil the needs of that child-like entity inside your head.

There would be a lot more transformation that takes place over time, after which you realise what’s more practical, then comes another voice at a different stage in life which tells you what’s more intellectual and practically possible.

To put it in an analogically understandable manner, there’s this kid who’s on steroids and has powers that can control emotion, then there’s this adult who’s crippled and weak compared to the kid but he’s more sensible and practical, he controls knowledge.

When the two of them clash in combat, the kid is definite to win because of his powers and the very fact that emotion overpowers knowledge.

But when there’s an assessor introduced in that place, who is unbiased and fair, he’d always support the adult who is more logical but is supposedly weak. Neither is the weakness of the adult nor the strength of the child that is taken into consideration by the neutral entity for as to maintain equity.

The assessor is your conscience which had been nurtured by your past experiences and setting, and decides relatively. Split second decisions as well as most long-term decisions are governed by this neutral entity or your consciousness.

In certain cases, the child-like entity overpowers the assessor because of preconceived notions (that are as solid as facts) and a relatable past experience. This is when you are flawed but you don’t know that you are because your logical self is also supporting the elapsed judgement to overthrow the neutral entity.

There are also times when the conscience is in par with the decisions taken by both your entities. This takes time for all the components of the mind to be in unison and this is achieved through constant practice of the mind over matter.

Humanising the mind.

– Eternally Indolent –


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